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Beyond the Golden Rule

Sunday, May 13, 2012 — Easter 6 B — John 15:9-17

Some things in life can be commanded and some cannot. A general can command his army to charge into battle to defend its country, but cannot command them to love their country. A boss can command his workers to meet certain production quotas, but he cannot command them to love their jobs. A parent can command that her child eat her spinach, but she cannot command her to love her spinach. Today we command children to remember their mothers, but we cannot command them to love their mothers. We can command many things from people, but one thing we can never command from them: their love. We love because we choose to, because we want to, because we GET TO.

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Thicker than Blood

Sunday, May 6, 2012 — Easter 5 B — Acts 8:26-40

The family is the single most important influence on the lives of children. We love our families. We would die for our families. If your family was threatened or your children were in danger, you might kill to protect them. There appears to be no limit to our love for our families, even if it means sacrificing ourselves for them. Why? Because there is nothing THICKER THAN BLOOD. Our family, our “blood,” is the source of our name, our values, and our identity. Our family is where we go when we have absolutely nowhere else to go. Our family takes us in when everyone else has rejected us.

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Not for Sale

Sunday, April 29, 2012 — Easter 4 B — John 10:11-18

The world has not changed since the time John wrote this to the church. It is still a dangerous place filled with “wolves” lurking around every corner, stalking their next lunch. We have child protection policies to protect our little ones from predators. Our computers have passwords, because there are hackers who will break into our computers steal our lives. Lights shine all night in parking lots and neighborhoods because thieves hate the light and love the darkness. The daily news is often nothing more than a list the wolves’ latest victims.

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God with Skin on

Sunday, April 22, 2012 — Easter 3 B — Luke 24:36b-48

A little girl wakes up in the middle of the night screaming. A nightmare has destroyed her sleep. She cries out for her mother. Holding her frightened daughter in her arms, the mother soothes her child, caressing her tussled hair and then her tear stained face as she softly speaks, “Don’t be afraid. God will be with you.” Her daughter responds, “I know, Mommy, BUT I want somebody . . . with skin on.” In today’s Gospel Jesus’ disciples also discover the value of having God WITH SKIN ON.

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Anatomy of a Believer

Sunday, April 15, 2012 — Easter 2 B — John 20:19-31

My name is . . . Thomas. My friends call me Didymus, “The Twin.” But as you know, it is not by this name that I have been most remembered over the years. Mention Thomas to anyone and immediately they will call me “Doubting Thomas.” It is not fair that I am remembered for my weakness when it was my confession of faith that brings the Gospel of John to its dramatic climax. Few remember that I was the daring believer who took the Gospel all the way to the shores of India. It seems that I shall be forever cursed with the name Doubting Thomas.

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